The Oakland County Pledge to End Veteran Homelessness

On Wednesday September 7th, 2016, the Alliance for Housing, in partnership with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, the Detroit Veteran Affairs, Oakland County Veteran Services, and many local non-profit partner agencies signed a pledge to end Veteran Homelessness by the end of 2016.

As part of this event, those present reviewed the current work being done and data related to Veteran homelessness in Oakland County.  There was also an acknowledgement of the many local champions, resources, and additional needs within Oakland County.

Kevin Elsenheimer, Director of MSHDA was the first signer of this important pledge.  The event was attending by many local agencies in addition to the local media.  Please see pictures below related to this important function:



Kevin Elsenheimer , Director of MSHDA signing the Pledge


Panelists discussing ending Veteran Homelessness

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