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Hi, during the meeting it was discussed that only PSH would be using this report. However here is information that requires it under RRH D4. For clarification for others, it says 2015 report but our APR year covers 10/1/2014 – 9/30/2015. Please clarify.

  • Please use the 2015 Count Report for all PSH and RRH scoring applications. Refer to the tab titled Client List in report. Calculate the percentage of Category 1 clients from the total list.

According to the guidance checklist, then I would run the 625, the count report and the VI-SPDAT reports all for that same time frame, correct?

  • Yes, this is correct. All these reports will run for you project operating year.

The SPDAT Client List Report  won’t include Family VI SPDATs.  My project serves families.  What should I do?  

  • Please provide an additional list of the names of all clients who have completed a Family VI SPDAT.

Rapid Re-housing doesn’t complete an Annual Assessment Review.  How will these projects receive a score?

  • This question is not applicable to RRH and therefore, all RRH projects will receive an automatic point.

Section D, question 3c it asks “Do at least 80% of program participants remain in permanent housing for at least 12 months? (Q7 APR)”. When I look at Q7 on our APRs those look at HMIS data quality rather than remaining in permanent housing. Am I looking at our APR wrong or is there a different question that answers this question?

  • There was a typo.  This should read (Q27 APR).

On Section D, question 3b of the renewal application it asks for information from the “HMIS Count report”; do you know where that report is?

  • Please refer to the Attachment Checklist at the end of the Scoring Application.  The report is labeled:  ## 2015 All Client Count Report – Provider- FINAL.  It can be found by navigating to ART.  Public Folder – Demographics – All Clients – 2015-2016 Count Reports – ## 2015 All Client Count Report – Provider – FINAL.

The HMIS Reports for attachment ask f for VI SPDAT Client List Report has two options now (as of 7/22/2016).  Which would you like us to run?

VI Spdat Clients list All versions

Vi Spdat Clients List OLD

  • Please run the “VI SPDAT Client List All Versions” report.

I have a question about the scoring app: We have 4 projects that “should have” had an APR submitted by now but haven’t due to HUD not having the template available. I see the note in the Scoring App that says “If the APR was not available in ESNAPS submit the ServicePoint Report#625 (HUD CoC APR v. 27) report for the same operating year.” and for Q. A. 1 I see the instructions to use the project app and #625 to answer…

But, what about for the subsequent questions? B. 1., for example: it says “per the last submitted APR.” Are those instructions accurate or should I extract the data from the 625 report like I did for Q. A. 1?

  • Please utilize the 625 report throughout the scoring application for a project that was unable to submit an APR to HUD.

What is the path for locating the VI-SPDAT client list report in ART?

  • The report is labeled:  VI SPDAT Client List All Versions.  It can be found by navigating to ART.  Public Folder –  VI-SPDAT, SPDAT, and “0 to 2016” –  VI SPDAT Client List All Versions.

For component 3, A. 2.:  “What percentage of clients entering project have a completed VI-SPDAT? (Provide VI SPDAT Client List Report and HMIS SA1 will compare to APR. If clients have Family VI, please submit a separate non-HMIS generated list)”

Do you want the list to only include participants that entered the project during within the APR dates or to include participants that were already active as of the first day the APR?

Also, Do you mean the Full SPDAT rather than the VI for this question?  Our program completes full SPDATs with clients on an ongoing basis as a case management tool but not the VI.  They should have already been completed for anyone entering after the registry was created, however if we’re looking at anyone prior to the registry a VI may not have been completed instead only full SPDATs as I don’t believe we complete vi spdats for all incoming program participants.

  • The completion of the Full SPDAT will not be reviewed.  The VI SPDAT Client List All Versions report will provide the names of all individuals within a project who have a completed VI SPDAT (single, not family) regardless of the agency/project who entered the VI into HMIS.

For Section D (baseline informatin) 3 b:

“What is the percentage of program participants with a Housing Status of Category 1, prior to project entry? (HMIS-Count Report)”

I pulled our count report and remembered a conversation we had a while back about the best way to enter children who are born while the client is in the program/are reunified with the household while the client is in the program.  I vaguely remember us discussing this question about whether these children are “homeless” when they enter as they come from a different place than their parent did (well in the case of the person being born they are literally born into housing) initially.  Because of these unique circumstances, we entered these children as “stably housed”.  I wanted to double/triple check to make sure this was ok, or should we go back and change these few children to match their parents entry?

  • This question on the scoring application is only applicable to adults.

I ran the [ VI SPDAT Client List Report]  report but it mostly came up blank is this what it should look like?

  • The report will pull all individuals entered into a project for a specified timeframe who have a completed single VI-SPDAT v1, single VI-SPDAT v2, or Family VI-SPDAT v2.  It will not include those individuals with a Family VI-SPDAT v1.


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