Homeless Verification

To determine the documented history of homelessness of clients within HMIS, the following workflow has been drafted to retrieve said information from the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness (MCAH). The information gathered from HMIS can be used to verify the history of homelessness and chronic homeless status of clients entering into project.

  1. Identify the client whose history of homelessness is needed.
  2. Ask the client to sign the Oakland County HMIS Client Release of Information. REMEMBER the client must initial the specific section of the ROI related to MCAH’s permission to document homeless history. Information will not be released unless this section is initialed.
  3. Upload the ROI as an attachment to the ROI tab in ServicePoint. Add the following naming convention to the document:
 ROI2015.4.1jsmith  ID2016.3.1jsmith ID2016.3.1jsmith
Name of document (in this example, this is the ROI) Year, month, day (in this example, March 1, 2016). See below for which date to use. First initial, last name of client
  1. Fill out the “Chronic Certification by Name Report Request Form” (found on mihomeless.org> Michigan Users (MSHMIS)> MSHMIS Documents> Chronic Homeless Documentation).
  2. Email the “Chronic Certification by Name Report Request Form” to hmishelp@chninc.net.
  3. The System Administrator will contact MCAH with your request and will provide documentation upon completion.

If you have questions related to this workflow, please contact hmishelp@chninc.net.



OAKLAND COUNTY HMIS- Homeless History Verification- WORKFLOW_4.19.2016

MCAH Chronic Certification by Name Report Request Form Final March 2016

MCAH Naming Convention for HMIS Chronic Certification and ROI attachments 2016


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