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Agency Administrator Meetings
Agency Administrator Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 9:30 am via Go-To Meeting. On a quarterly basis (December, March, June, & September) a face-to-face session is held at one of the participating agencies. Content covered during the meeting includes: workflow, data standards, data quality, funder and MCAH updates. Attendance is strongly encouraged as it has impacted the CoC scoring application in scoring years. If you are unable to attend, notify the Oakland County System Administrator and consider sending someone in your place. A link to past meeting minutes can be found HERE.

Custom Assessments
Agency Administrators can work with the Oakland County System Administrators to create or update custom assessments relevant to the agency. It is important to make sure assessments are updated according to definition and standard changes.

Maintain copies of the agency’s Administrative QSOBAA, Sharing QSOBAA, and Agency Participation Agreement. Agencies are asked to also maintain recent copies of the HUD Public Notice, MCAH Privacy Notice, MSHMIS Policy and Procedures, and Privacy Script. Copies of these documents can be found HERE.

Data Quality Reports
Data Quality reports are due on the 15th of every month. All reports must be submitted per the agency’s individualized data quality plan. Reports must also include the executed coversheet. It is important to review the reports you are running to address issues accordingly.

Provider Pages
Confirm that standards are accurate and up to date, including the Bed and Unit inventory and Federal Partner Funding Sources on an annual basis. Update visibility to include new sharing groups as required. Close provider pages that are no longer active.


Deleting/Deactivating User Profiles
Agency Administrators are allowed to delete or deactivate user profiles. To delete a user: User Admin> User Search> Trashcan Icon. To deactivate a user: User Admin>User Search> Add/Edit User> Status change to inactive.

New Users
New Users must complete the necessary trainings before receiving an HMIS license. More information can be found HERE.

Resetting Passwords
Agency Administrators are able to reset their user’s passwords under the User Admin>User Search> Add/Edit User> Reset & change Password.

System Updates
Agency Administrators are asked to communicate any system changes or data quality issues to their system users. This can be formalized through monthly meetings or can be as simple as an email.

Technical Support
HMIS users often come across issues related to households, entries, definitions, etc. and Agency Administrators are asked to use their knowledge and expertise to assist their users.

User Certificates
Agency Administrators are asked to develop a system to track and manage their agency’s training certificates and user agreements. Oakland County System Administrators will send out  a list of user training certificates completed on the  MCAH Certification Site on a quarterly basis to assist with this process.

Agency Administrators are asked to work with their HMIS users to update workflows as changes are made to definitions and procedures.


Anonymous/Unnamed Clients
Coming soon!

Data Quality
Agencies are periodically asked to clean their data to improve the data quality that impacts shared information. The Agency Administrator is the point person where data quality issues will be brought to for resolution

Duplicate ID Merge Requests
Agency Administrators are asked to work with their staff to decrease duplication within HMIS and to send requests to merge duplicate ids to the System Administrators. More information can be found HERE.

Homeless Verification
To determine the documented history of homelessness of clients within HMIS, a workflow has been drafted to retrieve said information from the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness (MCAH). The information gathered from HMIS can be used to verify the history of homelessness and chronic homeless status of clients entering into project. A link to this workflow and supplemental documents can be found HERE.

Release of Information (ROI)
There is HMIS-specific ROI that needs to be used with clients entered into HMIS. A recent versions of the ROI can be found HERE. Copies of the HMIS ROIs are encouraged to be attached to a client profile in HMIS.

SSN Changes
Agency Administrators and other HMIS users are unable to add/update a client’s SSN and requests must be made to the Oakland County Administrators. The OAKLAND COUNTY HMIS- Data Correction Request- TEMPLATE can be found HERE.

Important Links

Alliance for Housing
This site includes workflows, templates, meeting minutes, and documents related specifically for HMIS in Oakland County.

Data Scrolls
A tutorial tool to explain HMIS data elements.

HMIS Data Standards Manual
Provides guidance on HMIS data elements for CoC (v. 5.1  as of August 2016). Provides a revision history of updates made since 2014.

HUD Exchange
This site provides updates and guidance as it relates to HUD projects.

ServicePoint Site
This is the live Michigan Statewide HMIS site used for client entry. New users will need to complete the training requirements before a license is assigned.

ServicePoint Training Site 
This site mirrors the live ServicePoint site but does not contain any client information. NEVER ENTER REAL CLIENT INFORMATION INTO THIS SITE. Please contact your system admin to have a license assigned.

MCAH Certification Site
The certification site is where you will find workflows and trainings related to HMIS, privacy and projects.

System Administrator (SA1) Contact Information:
Angela Gougherty & Sarah Sporny,

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