The following is the list of committees that make up the Alliance for Housing.  Please see the attached document below for more detailed information.

2017 Alliance Committees w.descriptions

Operations Committee

  • Consists of a minimum of one Board Member and other members of the Alliance at large
  • Develops agenda and chairs quarterly meetings
  • Reviews work of other committees
  • Coordinates the CoC process
  • Coordinates the COC process and other consolidated and/or collaborative applications
  • Workgroups: Capacity Building, HUD Renewal/Exhibit 1, Plan to End Homelessness
  • Contact:┬áKathy Williams,

Systems Coordination and Implementation Committee

  • Work with the need of our community
  • Develops resources to implement community strategies
  • Provide member agencies with access to technical assistance and training, best practices, referrals and other tools to increase their effectiveness
  • Workgroups: Community Resource Day/Project Connect, Emergency Shelter Care, Affordable Housing, Prevention, Foreclosure Prevention, Discharge Planning, SOAR, CIST
  • Contact: Ernestine Mcrae,

Finance & Audit Committee

  • Enactment of audits on the books and accounts of the organization
  • Contact: Jill Anderson,

Advocacy and Public Awareness Committee

  • Informs the community of issues regarding housing and homelessness policy
  • Provides a platform and react to current political and legislative issues
  • Promotes OCTAH as a resource, conduit and coalition for the effective engagement of public and political will to combat homelessness
  • Contact: Deb Brinson,

Project Monitoring and Performance Outcomes Committee

  • Promotes quality HUD and MSHDA funded projects by evaluating project proposals, making funding recommendations and monitoring progress
  • HMIS implementation and monitoring
  • Workgroups: Performance and Objective Measurement, Point in Time, HMIS, Data Collection and Monitoring
  • Contact: Marc Craig,
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