The following is the list of committees that make up the Alliance for Housing.  Please see the attached document below for more detailed information.

2012 Alliance for Housing Committee Descriptions

Operations Committee

  • Consists of a minimum of one Board Member and other members of the Alliance at large
  • Develops agenda and chairs quarterly meetings
  • Reviews work of other committees
  • Coordinates the CoC process
  • Coordinates the COC process and other consolidated and/or collaborative applications
  • Workgroups: Capacity Building, HUD Renewal/Exhibit 1, Plan to End Homelessness
  • Contact: Kathy Williams,

Systems Coordination and Implementation Committee

  • Work with the need of our community
  • Develops resources to implement community strategies
  • Provide member agencies with access to technical assistance and training, best practices, referrals and other tools to increase their effectiveness
  • Workgroups: Community Resource Day/Project Connect, Emergency Shelter Care, Affordable Housing, Prevention, Foreclosure Prevention, Discharge Planning, SOAR, CIST
  • Contact: Ernestine Mcrae,

Finance & Audit Committee

  • Enactment of audits on the books and accounts of the organization
  • Contact: Jim Perlaki,

Advocacy and Public Awareness Committee

  • Informs the community of issues regarding housing and homelessness policy
  • Provides a platform and react to current political and legislative issues
  • Promotes OCTAH as a resource, conduit and coalition for the effective engagement of public and political will to combat homelessness
  • Contact: Ryan Hertz,

Project Monitoring and Performance Outcomes Committee

  • Promotes quality HUD and MSHDA funded projects by evaluating project proposals, making funding recommendations and monitoring progress
  • HMIS implementation and monitoring
  • Workgroups: Performance and Objective Measurement, Point in Time, HMIS, Data Collection and Monitoring
  • Contact: Sharman Davenport,

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